A Complete Customer-Driven Experience

In business, one important question to ask is why customer service is so important. After all, if you get a purchase order, doesn’t that mean you’ve won over the customer? Another question to consider is why project execution is just as important as securing orders from new customers. A resounding answer to those questions is that, on average, it costs approximately five times more to attract a new customer than it costs to retain an existing customer.

That fact alone highlights the importance of providing excellent customer service. Every business should do whatever it takes to ensure their customers stay happy and continue doing business with them. After all, customers are typically more willing to work with a business that they’ve had a great experience with than to find someone new.

Traits to Look for When Partnering with a Company

“Treat others as you’d like to be treated.” This saying rings clear and true in customer service. The customer service skills that matter to you should matter to companies you work with. When working together, keep your eyes and ears open for the following traits. When you find all of them in one company, you’ll know you’ve found the right company to partner with.


Listen for honesty. Ask a lot of questions — even hard questions. If they are willing to say no, with a dedicated explanation, they are transparent and willing to admit their limitations. Saying and doing the right thing lets you know that they will do all they can to provide the service you are looking for, yet will not waste your time by saying they can deliver on a service when they cannot. That is a company filled with integrity. And that is a company you want to do business with.


When a company listens to you right from the start of your interaction with them, they have the opportunity to learn important information that could help you address your needs. Make sure they can articulate what you shared with them so you know they understand your goals. Ask questions to ensure they are committed to follow through — and will provide outstanding customer service during every stage of the buying process, and continue after the purchase.


It’s also important that they keep you informed and regularly updated about the progress of the project and notify you when changes are going to occur. Communicating through constant updates is vital to the business relationship.

Knowledge of Your Product

Outstanding customer service means the company has thorough knowledge and experience with your products and is able to help you make the best decisions. Asking the right questions to understand your product will help them seek the right solution for you and can prove valuable down the road should you run into challenges.


It’s important to receive great customer service in an efficient and responsive manner. Make sure your concerns are getting addressed quickly; a company should be attentive to your comments and feedback and quick to assess and act on your needs.

What Customer Service Means to Douglas

For Douglas, providing an exceptional customer-driven experience conveys our strong values and belief in our company’s mission statement to enrich lives by providing differentiated packaging automation and services. It’s indicative of our drive to build something of value, to make a difference and to help others.

When you choose Douglas, you’re getting more than a quality product — you’re gaining a complete customer-driven experience. Our values of Unwavering Integrity, Servant’s Heart, Ownership Spirit and Continuous Innovation mean we conduct business in a manner that is legal, ethical and moral for every employee owner, customer, supplier and competitor.

Douglas makes a difference in your customer service experience by living out 6 + 1 ways to delight customers.

6 + 1 Ways to Delight Customers

  1. Quality
  2. Professional Courtesy
  3. Can-do Attitude
  4. Responsiveness
  5. Convenience
  6. Progressive Follow-Up
+ 1 Something extra to exceed expectations

Today, only four out of every 100 businesses last through until the 10-year mark. As we enter our 53rd year of business, we continue to strive for higher levels of customer service. As a 100% employee-owned company, we take personal pride in designing, building and supporting the world’s best packaging machines. This vision unites us as a team every day, and is the cornerstone of our customer-driven culture.

Secondary Packaging Solutions from Douglas Machine

At Douglas, our Project Management team works with you every step of the way to understand your needs, understand your product and to communicate every step of the process with you. Douglas is proud to provide world-class service for all our customer’s needs. Remote Service Technicians are located throughout the United States to offer the most responsive local support possible.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the life of your equipment. Pride of ownership—it’s our way of ensuring that nobody works harder to give you more. In every aspect of your relationship with us, you will experience 100% commitment to a partnership that ensures your brand is represented with quality, integrity and pride.

Call or message us today to learn more about our team and innovative machine solutions. You can also connect with us to learn more about our values and the other customers we’ve served over the years. We can’t wait to hear from you.